Hot! O Phoenix FC, Phoenix FC! Wherefore art thou Phoenix FC?

Phoenix FC Romeo and Juliet

By Garrett Cleverly @AZKicksit

The title of this article is pretty clear. However, if you’re not a Shakespearean fan or forced to watch this every year in school or constantly told by your girlfriend that it is the ultimate love story; it’s a line from Romeo & Juliet.

The wherefore isn’t asking “where”, but why. In the play Juliet, speaking aloud, says “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Which in 2014 simply means, “Romeo, why are you a Romeo”. So why is the new ownership group of Phoenix FC just as quiet as the old ownership group?

Soccer fans in Phoenix rejoiced when USL announced a new ownership group on December 16th, and since the announcement there has been no mention of anything on Phoenix FC’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, which were last updated on October 30th. Their website has no mention of the league announcement and except for one holiday post, which was grammatically wrong and has yet to be fixed; nothing has come from Phoenix FC.

The season is around 86 days away, and what may seem like a long time is not. The team has yet to announce a stadium, tryouts, coaches, players, sponsorships and more. And with aggressive teams like Orlando City, who is moving up to Major League Soccer in 2014, and Sacramento Republic, who has hired Preki as manager and has made their aspirations for a MLS franchise public, Phoenix FC is going to be the odd man out when it comes to signing the best available players.

Last year Phoenix FC carried a roster of around 23 players. If they were to sign that many again, Phoenix FC would have to average signing one player every three days, given that the season is 86 days away on January 4th.

Speaking of players, last year the team charged $150 to tryout. They had close to 100 players and should have generated somewhere around $15,000; enough to pay for a road trip.

The demand and interest for soccer in Phoenix is high. The numbers on AZKicksit continue to grow and La Furia Roja is jonesing (link goes to Urban Dictionary) at the first opportunity to purchase season tickets.

When the Phoenix FC franchise was first announced in 2012, numerous individuals from different levels of soccer approached the club and offered help. Many were turned down and others never heard a reply. The majority of these individuals, if approached again, would provide considerable help and ideas.

The city of Phoenix is ripe for a professional soccer team and it would be a shame if this golden opportunity was wasted again.

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  1. So… didn’t actually attempt to reach anyone involved with the franchise?

    • Garrett Cleverly

      Jason, because any post I seem to write about PFC generates a response from you I will respond to this. The club went silent on October 30th. I have reached out to numerous individuals (called and emailed: HC, owner and president) who are involved in PFC affairs on numerous occasions. I have even offered to assist the club with anything they may need, including helping for free.

  2. Great article. I was one of the people that applied for sales job with the club. I even moved to phoenix from nyc to help but they ignored. I sent my resume in again this year and even offered to work and learn. Hopefully, I will recieve a swift response. If you can help?

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