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The Real Phoenix����Football Club is a professional organization based in Phoenix Arizona.  Established in 2012 we have our very own state of the art training complex complete with 4 indoor futsal courts 1 full indoor court, a fully loaded weight room, training equipment and locker rooms.  Our goal is to provide the perfect training grounds for future Real Phoenix F.C Galacticos.

Follow Real Phoenix F.C. as we introduce the clubs pyramid program, and introduce the community to Real Phoenix F.C..

  • Real Phoenix Professional Indoor Soccer (PASL)
  • Real Phoenix Professional Indoor Futsal (USFF, USYF)
  • Real Phoenix Professional Outdoor (NPSL)
  • Real Phoenix Youth Academy (Futsal-Indoor-Outdoor)
  • Real Phoenix Adult Academy (Futsal-Indoor-Outdoor)

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The mission of the Real Phoenix Football Club. is to promote, govern, oversee, plan and coordinate amateur and professional football in Phoenix Arizona, and to provide quality football entertainment to the community. To advance the careers of all our players and help build well rounded individuals.

                     ����������������     ��  ��������  �� ��                  “The Peoples Club”

Club Colors: Red Navy Gold

Annual Budget: $20,000 per team

Club Uniform: Kaepa Sport

Home Base: Atkinson Middle School (Indoor Training Facility), Phoenix Arizona

Home Base:
Metro Tech (Outdoor Facility) Phoenix Arizona

Club Status: Professional Football (Indoor, Futsal)
Purchased the franchise rights for the Phoenix territory August 2012 (PASL) $25,000

Club Affiliation: United States Futsal Federation, United States Youth Futsal, Professional Arena Soccer League, U.S. National Futsal League, National Premier Soccer League

Club Mascot Crest: The Double Headed Phoenix

Club Coat of Arms Depicts:

  • 2012 year established
  • R stands for Real
  • Double Headed Phoenix (One looks right into the darkness one looks to the light)
  • Royal Crown (Respect, Honor, Integrity and Discipline)
  • Sword of victory in right hand (Well Guarded and battle tested)
  • Globe of providence in the left
  • Five Stars (Members of the founding Lopez Family)

Club Logo Depicts:

  • R for Real
  • Club Moto: Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit (Whom virtue unites, death will not separate)

Club Goals:
Short term: goal is to form two professional teams with the ability to perform at the highest level of arena soccer.  To practice these teams at the Phoenix Sports Center and the Arizona Premier Futsal facilities

Long Term: To secure and maintain our very own arena pitch on the Arizona State Fairgrounds using the Memorial Coliseum as our official home arena in 2013.

Our Vision:

- Focusing on a professional image at all times by creating a solid foundation with our fan base using the principal tenants of respect, honor, integrity and discipline.

- By using media outlets and other promotional outreach programs.

- To establish a recruiting program within each high school and local colleges to secure all qualified players who are looking to play at the next level.

- To surround our club with other professionals in the football business that will translate into the quality of football this community has been looking for.

- Joining the various amateur, semi-pro and pro programs in 2013

- Developing a youth academy to foster the growth and development of future home grown players and to create a program that will fund our interest.

- Reinvesting into the Real Phoenix F.C. brand to help grow the brand and make it a house hold name

- To provide a continuous coaches and player education program.

- Creating relationships with valley youth clubs to share information and opportunities

- Securing and maintaining our very own football pitch in Phoenix Arizona on the training grounds of the Arizona Premier Futsal.

- Utilizing Futsal as a training method in our very own indoor training facility equipped with the latest in professional training equipment. With over 24,000 square feet of playing surface, training can continue in an environmentally controlled facility perfect for developing the future stars of Real Phoenix F.C.


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