Hot! 2012 Mesa High Jackrabbit Invitational Boys & Girls Soccer Tournament – Updated Results From Semifinal

Mesa High Jackrabbit Invitational

Results updated from group stage and semifinal for boys. Boys championship will be played at 11am between Mesa vs Mountain View. Girls semifinal will be played Saturday morning at 9am. Game 1 Prescott vs Mesa, Game 2 Skyline vs North Canyon. Winners will advance to championship that will be played at 1pm on Saturday.

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This week’s big tournament is the Mesa High Jackrabbit Invitational. 8 boys and 8 girls teams will be competing for the title with group stage games being played on Saturday, December 15th and Monday, December 17th. Teams that advance the group stage will play the semifinal round on Tuesday, December 18th and the final will be on Saturday, December 22nd.

Boys teams participating – Mesa, Desert Ridge, Betty FairFax, Vista Grande, Mountain View, Central, Queen Creek, Casa Grande

Girls teams participating – Mesa, Camelback, Skyline, Vista Grande, North Canyon, Prescott, Valley Christian, Casa Grande


Group A Standings Record Points Goal Differential
Vista Grande 3-0-0  9  1
Mesa 2-0-1  6  9
Desert Ridge 1-0-2  3  -2
Betty FiarFax 0-0-3  0  -8

Saturday December 15, 2012

Desert Ridge vs. Vista Grande 9:00am Field #2 1-1 Vista wins on PK’s

Vista Grande vs. Betty FairFax 1:00pm Field #2 0-0 Vista wins on PK’s
Desert Ridge vs. Mesa 1:00pm Field #3 0-4

Betty FairFax vs. Desert Ridge 5:00pm Field #2 0-2

Monday December 17, 2012

Vista Grande vs. Mesa 3:30pm Field #1 1-0
Mesa vs. Betty FairFax 6:30am Field #1 6-0

Group B Standings Record Points Goal Differential
Queen Creek 3-0-0 9 6
Mountain View 2-0-2 6 2
Central 1-0-2 3 -1
Casa Grande 0-0-3 0  -7

Saturday December 15, 2012

Mountain View vs. Queen Creek 11:00am Field #2 1-2
Central vs. Casa Grande 11:00am Field #3 3-2

Central vs Mountain View 3:00pm Field #1 2-2 Mountain View wins on PK’s
Casa Grande vs. Queen Creek 3:00pm Field #3 0-3

Monday December 17, 2012

Mountain View  vs. Casa Grande 3:30pm Field #3 3-0
Queen Creek vs. Central 5:00pm Field #2 2-0

Boys Playoff Bracket:

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Semifinal Game 1: Vista Grande vs. Mountain View 4:00pm Field #1 – Mountain View wins 3-2

Semifinal Game 2: Queen Creek vs. Mesa 4:00pm Field #2 – Mesa wins 2-0
The Jackrabbits advance to the title game with goals from Brian Perea (2nd of the tournament) on a free kick and Jose Barerra (5th of the tournament) in the 1st half.  Queen Creek made it interesting in the 77th minute with a goal off a free kick, but Mesa held on for the win when Goalkeeper Matt Winkler made a spectacular 1 on 1 save in the 79th minute.

Saturday December 22, 2012

Final Mesa vs Mountain View 11:00am Field #1


Group A Standings Record Points Goal Differential
Skyline 2-0-0 6 9
Mesa 1-0-1 3 6
Vista Grande 0-0-2 0 -15

Saturday December 15, 2012

Mesa vs Skyline 9:00am Field # 0-3

Vista Grande vs. Skyline 1:00pm Field #4 1-6

Vista Grande vs. Mesa 5:00pm Field #1 0-9

Group B Standings Record Points Goal Differential
Prescott 3-0-0 6 13
North Canyon 2-0-1 3 4
Valley Christian 1-0-2 3 -4
Casa Grande 0-0-3 0 -13

Saturday December 15, 2012

North Canyon vs. Valley Christian 11:00am Field #1 1-0
Prescott vs. Casa Grande 11:00am Field #3 8-0

North Canyon vs Prescott 3:00pm Field #2 0-5
Casa Grande vs Valley Christian 3:00pm Field #4 0-5

Monday December 17, 2012

North Canyon vs Casa Grande 3:30pm Field #4
Valley Christian vs Prescott 4 5:00pm Field #2

Girls Playoff Bracket:

Saturday December 22, 2012

Semifinal Game 1: Prescott vs Mesa 9:00am Field #1
Semifinal Game 2: Skyline vs North Canyon 9:00am Field #2

Saturday December 22, 2012

Semifinal Game 1 Winner vs Semifinal Game 2 Winner 1:00pm Field #1

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